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Why Choose Clark Chiropractic?

Advanced Care
Experienced Care

Our chiropractor, massage therapists and office staff have decades of experience.

Effective Care

The clinic combines massages, chiropractic, advanced rehab & a whole body care approach. Our clinic utilizes the best types of treatment modalities for non surgical back pain. 

No Nonsense Care

X-Rays are not required but can be taken onsite when necessary

Same day appointment available

Walk-ins are welcome

Time is taken to relax muscles prior to adjustment

For over 25 years, our clinic has developed specific techniques to relax muscles and adjust joints. Our clinic utilizes advanced equipment such as traction, joint mobilization and advanced reflex muscle relaxation machines to restore your health as quickly as possible. 

Easy to Get Care

We are open later than most clinics - until 7pm - Monday through Friday, and Saturday until noon. We have several experienced licensed massage therapists.




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