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       MASSAGE                                          CHIROPRACTIC  CARE


      30 minute  massage                                Adjustment-Manipulation 


      60 minute massage                                 Hydrotherapy

                                                                          Exercise Therapy


                Call for pricing and for Insurance coverage & copays   


 Since 1988 Clark Chiropractic Chiropractic/Massage therapy has treated more than 18 thousand patients. Dr. Clark combines in one clinic the best non-surgical neck, back and musculoskeletal care available such as chiropractic care, massage therapy, traction, joint mobilization, advanced reflex muscle relaxation machines, supports and exercise. Also Dr. Clark has worked for 20 years establishing a doctor/therapist network that is unsurpassed. Compare our care to any type of care available. One treatment will make you a believer.



*Hot water jet tables  *Roller masssage tables   * G3 Vibracusor  *Large treatment rooms   *Gentle Traction  *Arthrostim   




Massage Therapists

The most important aspect when selecting a Massage Therapy Clinic is the skill of the Massage Therapist and that is why we only hire therapist that pass Dr. Clark's  rigourous requirements and have years of clinical experience. We have 4 therapists who are contracted with Regence, Aetna and other carriers. We also treat auto accident patients and injured workers.


Doctor on-site who can refer you for massage if required by your insurance

"Top rated Massage Therapist's"           Compare us to anyone and see who is the best!

Roller Table Room
Water Table


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